The Guardians: Draco


Passion In Print • Ebook • 2016

Draco wears his tattoo with pride, a slayer killing a dragon, so how come he’s persuaded into guarding a dragon shifter.

Teal wonders if she should book into a shrink, recently she’s been hearing voices in her head talking to her. Not only that her sex drive has gone through the roof. It’s just fortunate she has sexy guardian angel to fulfill her needs. When Draco tells her she’s a dragon shifter she thinks he’s crazy. That is until she meets Rianna her dragon who’s an outspoken nymphomaniac. Can anything get any worse? It does when nightclub owner Liam realizes what she is, wanting both her hearts, on a spear. Can Draco put aside the fact he’s a slayer to save the very thing he despises.